Mindfulness Workshop

I recently was invited to attend a short talk given by Ms Bhavna Nagar (a Clinical psychologist practicing in Napier) on Mindfulness.

What’s this I hear you say… well below are just some of the key comments…

• Mindfulness is all about the “art” or “skill” of being able to be in tune with your body in the now, and not to allow the “noise” from your mind to
come into your thoughts.
• In today’s busy lives we all often value what’s in our head more than what we feel in our body.
• We need to celebrate every moment in life, not holding onto anger, negative thoughts or hurt. We are born with this ability and we are able to see this
in young children as they life for the now. But somewhere along the way our busy lives get full of outside noise and we allow the mind to take over
• Mindfulness is giving sense to knowing we are here and it is now, this moment is guaranteed (in that if we are breathing, that is the moment), so
experience and celebrate the now, then you can stop worrying about “ could I be better”
• Stop giving the noise permission to rule your mind, constantly bring yourself back to the “breath”
• Learning to do nothing, just breathing.
• As adults we believe the stories we tell ourselves, we are conditioned and attached to these, we have to learn to say NO to that.
• We need to get a sense of being happy, alive and in this moment, telling our self “I am OK”
• Happiness is not conditional.
• We chose how we react to events that happen and in Mindfulness we can chose to be OK.
• It is about our reaction or rather our non-reaction to the environment, and understanding that at times all I can control is me.
• To practice this you need to understand that it is all about the breath…stop, breath and listen to your breath, feel it going in your nostril, down to
your lungs around your body and then breathing out again. This practice allows you to hear the noises around your ( like the birds, wind etc) but not
think about it, just allow it to be and come back to the breath.

The above are some of the pointers that Bhavna spoke about, she also ran through a short demonstration about how to try to focus on the breath…this is very similar to Relaxation Yoga.

Research has shown that these practices can help reduce blood pressure, and significantly lower the risk of strokes.
As a fellow person living with MS, I know that the Relaxation yoga that I practice has helped me learn to use the breath to help tune out of the busy thoughts and also to allow me to truly rest my mind which I believe does help my MS fatigue, and fall asleep each night in half the time it used to take.!!

Anyone keen to find out more, email Bhavna on Bhavna@alivepsych.co.nz or ring 06 844 1248 or 022 0843 095

Sue Walker
HBMS Society